About us

Ricicli is an Italian brand of home complements and fashion accessories self-produced with recovered materials. It was created by Giulia Meloncelli and put into practice with a staff of partners who share her eco-sustainable philosophy.

Today I live in Forlì and I deal with the environment-friendly design. I self-produce home complements and fashion accessories by solely using local products, such as industrial waste and post-consumer waste materials, under the RICICLI brand.

My name is Giulia Meloncelli. I was born in 1974 and I’m an incredibly curious and eclectic designer. My flair for experimentation led me to attend the Faenza Industrial Design courses at the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries (ISIA). Afterwards, I completed my studies at the Rochester Kent Institute of Arts and Design, where I committed to subjects such as Creative Model Making, Packaging Design and Graphic Design.

RECOVERY is a new form of culture which is not limited to the technical skills of people working and transforming an object or material. It also embraces their environmental awareness. This culture considers the relation between the product and the environment, thus adopting a different product design approach.

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